Georg Müller 'LANDMANN'

Georg Müller 'LANDMANN'


After an almost three year long 'hunt'  for the Landmann Lantern, which would become home for my Landmann Globe, one was located in Germany (thank you Wolf!).    When the lantern came into my possession, it was very rusty and you could see that a harsh wire brush had been taken to it.  It was a challenge to minimize those wire brush marks.

D.R.G.M. ( 'Deutsches Reiches Gebrauchs Musterschutz' = Utility model of the German Reich) is stamped on the side of the cage-globe guard and top of the top tube cap.  One of the top rings is slightly bent, but given the age of this lantern, I am not going to attempt to straighten it.

Embossed on the fount (fuel tank) is the Farmer with a rake and holding a lit lantern in his right hand. This embossing matches what is embossed on the hand blown globe.  The globe is also embossed with a 'moon' in the upper right hand section of the globe.

This lantern is in exceptional condition and it is hard to believe that it is from 1908. There are no leaks or pinholes.  The burner works smoothly and when lit, it burns steady with and even flame.  What a fine example of German Workmanship.

This is a stunning and rare lantern and I'm fortunate to have it in the collection. 

 Circa 1908

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