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J.C. GIESSING Metallwaaren - Fabrik



J.C. Giessing of  Nürnberg was not only a lantern producer, but also a lantern dealer. The J.C. Giessing company was a supplier of to the  German Railway companies. J.C. Giessing would purchase the lanterns he needed from other companies, such as The Nier company and then marked them with his own logo (moon and stars).

He would then sell the lanterns to the Bavarian Railroad and other railroad companies.The Nier company was a customer of J.C. Giessing from 1906 on until 1939. (*This additional information was kindly provided by Jörg Wekenmann*)


This is a rare lantern as it is the earliest version of the Feuerhand Nr. 201 model.


The globe has the J.C. Giessing embossed logo which is of the moon and stars.


On the fuel fount, it is stamped D.R. PATENT and then NR. 201 FEUERHAND.  It is a mystery as to what the stamped initials on the chimney stand for.  It is stamped with the initials D.R.G.B. which stands for:

Deutsche Reichsbahn Gesellschaft Bayern

(Deutsche Reichsbahn Company of Bavaria)

This company was founded in 1920 when all local railroad companies where united. *

*Source:  Jörg Wekenmann


The beautiful and pristine brass badge is marked: 'J.C. GEISSING*NÜRMBERG

                                                                                           DEUTSCHE REICHSBAHN


'Deutsche Reichsband' = German Reich Railways


This lantern has almost all of its original paint and is in excellent condition. The globe that arrived in this lantern was the wrong globe.  The original embossed 'Moon & Star' logo globe by J.C. Giessing is now reunited with the correct lantern.


CIRCA: 1914 - 1920

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